About Me

My dear guests welcome to Rhodes, to Greece!

Ι have set up the Rhodes Tours, because I would like to convey to you as
visitors, a true love and respect for our island and country. Along with a wonderful team
of English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Rumanian, Letonian, Russian, Polish,
Jewish professional Tour Guides, we will introduce you to our History, Culture, Tradition,
Fun, in a way that no standard guided tours will ever do.

Born and raised in Rhodes, I am a trilingual English, Greek, German licensed tour guide,
I have B.A. in Psychology, I am a piano graduate of the National Conservatoire of Greece
and certified Life Business Coach.

I have lived in  Athens for 25 years where I was the owner of four private language
schools. I have also spent one of my best years in California as an AFSer in 1962. 

If you want to experience the full of Rhodes Old Town, you can also download my
“iRhodesapp” where I have created a virtual guiding of the old town from the port and
different routes to the Museum and the Palace.

Here is the link: http://www.irhodesapp.com
So join our tours and be a Rhodian when in Rhodes! taste the inspired local recipes,
drink (ouzo) and flirt Life like Dionysos, the God who introduced wine and the psychic

Enjoy Night Life with a lot of dancing and Opa (off we go), Greek Music and Meze
(Snacks, traditional salads and dips).

We will organize for you excellent tailor-made tours to your taste, hobbies, interests, love
and fulfill your expectations.

Katerina Konstantinidi